Monday, March 17, 2008

Tentative improvement

On another note, I think I may be through the worst of the hyperemesis. With my Reglan pump, I've been increasingly well-controlled, and the ratio of good days to bad has been increasing. I have not thrown up very much at all over the last week, except under extreme provocation, such as when Katherine threw up in the hospital. I've felt very nearly normal, and have even gained a couple pounds back.

My pump went haywire on Sunday, just as we were preparing to be discharged, so I just yanked it out and decided to fool with it at home. I left it out for a shower and a nap, and since I was still feeling okay, decided to live dangerously and see if I could get by without it for a bit. I needed a Phenergan by the evening, but I was able to take it and keep it down, and it worked.

I popped a Zofran this morning, got my OB to call in a prescription for oral Reglan, and seem to be doing well enough so far. Late afternoons and evenings are my bad time, and I'm starting to feel a little queasy, but not enough that I think I'm in danger of vomiting. I wouldn't want to go completely unmedicated just yet, but at twelve weeks, it's a good time to try tapering down to oral meds.

I can always go back to the pump if I get in trouble, but I'm hopeful I can go un-tethered!


Sassy said...

That must be a relief. *fingers crossed* you don't need it again.

Nico said...

Very good news. Hopefully you're on the upswing along with little K!