Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Latest stunts of my monkey children

  • [Claire] Said "bye-bye!" and opened Grandmama's back door
  • [Claire] Jumped up and down on the foot petal of the baby gate until it popped open
  • [Claire] Learned to unzip her PJs and take her diaper off
  • [Claire] Learned to wiggle her arms out of her backwardly-zipped PJs and push her diaper down inside them
  • [both] Learned to stick their fingers through the baby gate on the gas fireplace and pull out the lava rocks
  • [Claire] Spat milk all over my laptop keyboard and shorted out the question mark
  • [Claire] Learned to pull the outlet covers out of the outlets
  • [Claire] Learned to unplug network cables
  • [Katherine] Learned to bite when her will is thwarted
  • [Lagniappe] Moved
  • [Lagniappe] Caused the onset of uterine irritability by moving
  • [Lagniappe] Made me leave church in the middle of the Easter sermon to go throw up
  • [Lagniappe] Made me throw up in a Wal-Mart bathroom -- with twins and a cart full of groceries in tow
  • [dogs] Pulled two bags of Easter candy out of a bag on the counter, ripped them open, and ate the contents, including the wrappers

It's pretty obvious who is the monkey-in-chief...

1 comment:

Andrew said...

Ace and Claire can now have a "bye-bye" screaming contest.

He likes to mash keys on my laptop too.