Friday, March 07, 2008

Diet for a healthy pregnancy

Breakfast: eat handful of dry cereal, because milk is vomit-inducing
Mid-morning snack: heave up handful of formerly dry cereal
Lunch: eat brownie and a few Pringles.
Afternoon snack: attempt more Pringles. Fail.
Supper: ZOMG husband brought home french fries must have NOW nom nom nom.
Bedtime snack: another brownie. Retain brownie, after some debate.

Total: two brownies, 1 oz pringles, french fries

And that was an OK day around here -- on the bad days, the failure rate is substantially higher. Alternately, I just quit eating altogether to save myself the trouble, because I don't throw up as much if there is no food to begin with.

Today's sorta-amusing discovery is that I can spin my wedding rings around my finger. At this point in the last pregnancy, I'd already quit wearing them, after my fingers swelled up during the OHSS misery. Today, I put them on my middle finger, where they fits quite well.

Eight pounds down in a month, with probably another month to go.


Nic said...

I hope, for your sake, it's a very short month!!! How are you managing with taking care of the girls while in this state?

Emma B. said...

I don't -- I have a nanny, and my husband does the heavy lifting on evenings and weekends. The smell of dirty diapers is, unsurprisingly, a major vomiting trigger, so I really can't take care of them by myself for any stretch of time.