Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good and bad

The good news is that the baby looked great at yesterday's ultrasound, with a beautiful heartbeat, and measured bang on the nose at 7w1d. I've got an appointment set up with my new OB practice for March 6th, and under ordinary circumstances, I'd be done with the RE.

Only problem is, someone's got to take care of me until I start seeing the OB, and that may be a more involved job than we'd thought, which brings me to the bad news.

I have stopped worrying about what food I can keep down, and started worrying about what liquids I can keep down. Yesterday, I managed a can of diet sprite (which I lost most of), a mug of chicken broth, and a glass of mountain dew. Today, it's been a few sips of sprite. This is a fast road to dehydration, and to IV fluids, if it keeps up.

Drs. Boss and Yacht conferred yesterday and sent me home with scrips for Zofran and Phenergan, which I am dutifully taking. I'm also trying a combo of Unisom and B6, which supposedly help reduce the nausea -- Zofran and Phenergan help the vomiting, but the sea-sickness of the nausea is just as crippling. So far, the Phenergan seems to help more than the Zofran, but neither of them is what I'd call great.

I think I'm in for a rough few weeks.


Maggie said...

have you tried SeaBands? They helped with my first pregancy. They are made for motion sickness so maybe they could help with your sea-sickness feeling.

I've been eating a lot of cereal...plain stuff like rice crispies and chex. Anything heated makes me nauseous.

I hope you get to feeling better soon!

Nic said...

Well I'm very glad that your babe is looking perfect. But the vomiting and nausea sounds awful. I really hope that the meds help! I can imagine that taking care of Claire and Katherine while feeling like this is not the easiest thing in the world. Hopefully it will pass quickly!!

Sassy said...

It's great to hear your ultrasound went well and the baby is doing well.

It sucks that you're so sick though. Have you tried those morning sickness lollypops or icypoles? I know over here you can buy special icypoles at pharmacies to help prevent dehydration. I hope you find something that works soon. It must be horrible to feel so sick.

Eva said...

I'm so sorry you're so sick. I hope that the meds work and that it passes soon.