Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Careful what you wish for

I don't remember having much morning sickness in my first pregnancy. Despite having twins, I only threw up a handful of times, and while I recall a few distinct episodes of queasiness, it just wasn't an everyday concern. A few things, such as raw chicken, would set me off, but as long as I avoided those and ate lots of pizza, I was mostly fine.

It's different this time around. I spent two weeks fretting because I didn't feel any nausea or other symptoms, but the very next day after my ultrasound, it hit me like a ton of bricks. As a general rule, I have an iron stomach, and I'm still not actually throwing up much as long as I am careful to avoid anything that makes me nauseous. Sadly, that appears to be smelling, handling, or thinking of any carbon-based food substance.

I can manage Diet Sprite and peach tea, but not much else. I kept down a bowl of chicken soup and some buttered noodles yesterday, but the chocolate cake I so desperately wanted was rejected. Today, even the buttered noodles aren't passing muster, and I'm not sure I even feel like trying anything else. I realize I have to eat something, sometime, but really, I'd just rather not. I'm rapidly approaching the point where I won't even be hungry any more -- I was starving yesterday, today I'm just a little peckish, and by tonight or tomorrow, my appetite will most likely be completely gone.

Currently, I've lost a little weight, just two pounds or so, but I'm going to drop more if this keeps up. I've got a little bit of extra padding to spare, so it won't hurt *me* to lose ten pounds or so. The baby's needs are minimal, given that it's the size of a rice grain, and it will get what it needs. I'm staying hydrated, and I'm not throwing up enough to feel like medication is worth it yet. However, I'm really nervous about where it's going. I'm 7 weeks today, and have been getting progressively worse since the weekend. If I keep going downhill, it may be time to talk about better strategies than just crackers.

Ugh, and just typing the word made me think about their disgusting taste and texture, and that was not a good idea. Tomorrow's ultrasound had better look good, to make up for this!


Nico said...

Ugh, that sounds miserable. I hope your u/s tomorrow makes up for it. And perhaps since you're having such different symptoms this time around it means you're having a boy!

Suz said...

You know, I haven't thought that the nausea would be worse, but I'm sorry that it is.