Sunday, January 20, 2008

Size matters

In a new but not wholly unexpected development, Claire has now mastered the art of taking her shirt and pants off. I discovered this in the usual way, which is to say that I went upstairs to fetch them in the morning and found a bare-ass-naked baby sleeping soundly on top of a very wet bed.

At that point, our pajama stash consisted of four zip-up footed sleepers and six two-piece combos (one of which snapped together). I've shifted Claire into the zip-up sleepers and am putting Katherine in the two-pieces, since the latter hasn't shown much inclination to strip them off yet. However, they're about to outgrow a couple of those pairs anyway, so I went in search of more PJs.

On previous shopping trips, I'd already noted that 18M is the Worst. Size. Ever. There is a great void between the infant stuff, which stops at 12M, and the toddler stuff which begins at 2T. Of course, this is even worse if you're looking for footed sleepers, especially those which don't involve licensed characters of one sort or another.

I have now scoured BRU, TRU, three department stores, and TJ Maxx, and turned up exactly four sleepers. I was tremendously pleased with myself when I brought them home on Friday, until Claire proceeded to go through three of them in a ten-minute timespan. (She has a cold, and is spitting up a bit from snot accumulation.)

Why oh why is 18M so hard a size to find? There's a plethora of options in 12M, and a large assortment in 2T. Do the manufacturers think little girls somehow magically shift straight from one to the other?


Stacey said...

If you don't mind boy stuff too much, I can pass on some of Ace's stuff to you. Not all of it is overly boyish, just some.

Also, if Claire figures out how to take those off, one tip I've heard is to put them on backwards. If she figures out how to take that off, well, it's time for potty training. :)

Nico said...

I'm super impressed that claire has figured out how to take off her clothes already!!

Do you have a children's place near you? They have a very good selection in 18m. I think Carter's does as well although I prefer CP as it's less expensive. Old Navy is another good place to go. And then there's also those stores online, of course. Hope you can find some stuff!

Suz said...

Honestly...I've found sleepers in general impossible to find this time of year. I tried to find some for the boys last year and came up empty handed. that I thing about it...I think I was looking for 18M!!

Eva said...

I was also going to suggest children's place. That's where I bought ours this year, and the others were from family in Canada (who either got them at Price Club or Sears). Otherwise, really do try ebay. Can't hurt, and you can search by size, gender, type of clothing, etc.

Maggie said...

I've gotten most of my footed jammies at Khol's. They are reasonably priced and have a great selection - even in boys stuff, which is always smaller than the girls section. I've found that the size of the 18M stuff varies greatly between brands so make sure you try them on before you buy them!

Emma B. said...

Nico, I guarantee you'll be less impressed when Ant figures it out ;).

We do indeed have a Children's Place near us -- don't know why that hasn't occurred to me. Thanks for all the suggestions!