Thursday, January 17, 2008

And this is how much cheaper than treatment, again?

CD 24 today, and still no sign of impending ovulation. I have exhausted the remnants of a 20-pack of el cheapo OPKs, a 6-pack of regular Clearblue OPKs (the package was short a stick), and I've put a good dent into the 7-pack of Clearblue Digital OPKs. I do quite like the digital ones, but wow, the cost is out of sight. I paid $34 for them at a local Walgreens, and then shelled out for the regular Clearblues as well.

I did, however, throw in the towel and buy a Clearblue Fertility Monitor off eBay. I got a fantastic deal on it, though, so it will actually amortize itself somewhat, given the number of OPKs I seem to go through. Yeah, I know you have to buy sticks for it too, but I'm buying those anyway, so it's just spreading the monitor cost out over the months. Besides, who knows? Maybe the Perversity Goddess will take this one as a suitable offering.

I'm going to ask my mom about another US, but I suspect she'll say it's not even worth fooling with at this point. The only thing it'll tell us is whether the follicle grew at all, and that's kind of a moot point. If a few more days' worth of sticks don't show anything, it's probably time to take Provera and put the squash on this cycle.

G is still waffling about the Clomid, which I kind of don't get. The fundamental disconnect here is that he thinks it "might" happen normally, and that it's worth giving it a little time, when the alternative is a somewhat increased risk of multiples. I suppose it might, but I think the weight of the evidence swings the other way. This is my fifth post-nursing cycle, and while we know I've ovulated for sure on some of them, and probably done a reasonable facsimile on others, I'm not doing so within the proper horizon for a successful pregnancy. Moreover, it seems to be worsening, rather than improving.

To me, it's so obvious: you have a history of problems, you currently have demonstrable problems, you stop hoping for rainbows and puppies and just do what it takes to fix the problem. Sure, there's a chance it might resolve spontaneously, but there's also a certainty that you will stress about it until it does. I don't see the point of waiting another couple cycles "just to be sure". If you know you're going to go there eventually, and if your chances of a successful pregnancy in the interim are low, why wait?


Stacie said...

You're braver than I am to get back on the treatment wagon so quickly. May Clomid be good to you!

Eva said...

My husband and I were similar in our differences when trying to get pregnant. After a year, I was ready for treatment, adoption, anything to move forward. He, on the other hand, wanted to keep "rolling the dice" and taking our chances to see what happened in the future.

Hopefully you will find a solution that works well for both of you, and you will get the pregnancy you want!

Nico said...

Oh, I'm really sorry there's still no sign of O. I was hoping that that 13 would be chugging along and making its presence known by now.

What does your mom think of Femara instead of Clomid? It seems to have a lower incidence of multiples... You could also offer G clomid with monitoring, and no BMS if you have more than one mature follicle?

Whatever it is, I hope that you guys get to the same page and get your BFP!!

Emma B. said...

Nico, Femara's a possibility too -- I actually have a good bit of it left from the last time around, although I need to check exp dates. I'm using "Clomid" somewhat generically, which I suppose I probably shouldn't do for clarity's sake.

I think the risk of multiples isn't the only issue, though. I don't doubt some of that is real, but I also think there's some denial going on. He's shown some retrospective denial about how we "rushed into treatment" last time, as if he's forgotten that it took a village's worth of pharmacies for me to even have a period.