Tuesday, January 15, 2008


  • I'm so sad for Alexa today.

  • CD 21, and not really any impending signs of ovulation. I'm not sure if I'm even going to see a delayed ovulation this month, or if the whole thing is just a wash.

  • I'm unabashedly happy for Nico. When she announced her first pregnancy, I read the post on Christmas morning, after a particularly rough Midnight Mass the night before, and literally wailed out loud. This time, I'm just happy for her, though I'd like for it to happen for me too. Secondary IF is so much *saner*...

  • Katherine is finally really walking! She took her first steps in November, but didn't ever move beyond that. On Christmas Eve, she was across the room, and stood up and walked over to me like she'd been doing it all her life. She's now walking most of the time, although she still knee-walks fairly frequently. I'll be so glad when that stops.

  • 15-month checkup last week. Katherine is 23 lb 13 oz (50%), Claire 22 lb 13 oz (25%), but at 31" tall (50%), she is a full inch shorter than Claire (32"/75%).

  • In retrospect, I just don't think Claire was a very good nurser. For the first six months of her life, we struggled to even keep her on the chart at all. Once she started on solids, she went from being itty-bitty to normal for her age. Milk supply wasn't a problem for me, rather the opposite, but I don't think she was very efficient about getting it.

  • Talking is about to take off, I think. We have mama, dada, bye-bye, hi, and then several partial words -- "ba" for ball, "buh" for book, "baba" for button.

  • I've got a full-time nanny starting next week. I'm somewhat more enthusiastic about this development than I was last time I mentioned it, but still a long way from thrilled. Some SAHM I turned out to be, huh?


Eva said...

Good to hear updates on C & K. Your girls are so tall compared to my little one! S still does the knee walking too, though she is getting more frustrated that J walks and she doesn't, so I expect she'll join him soon. I never knew another kid who knee walked.

Hope things go well with the nanny. Keep us posted.

Stacie said...

Your babies are so big! They are as big as mine and they are three months younger.

I'm not a good SAHM either. We are starting ours in part-time Montessori next month. Some people just aren't cut out to sing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" all day; it doesn't mean we don't adore our kids to pieces.

Nico said...

I'm incredibly sad for Alexa too.

I hope that you DO O, and that we DO get to be cycle twins again! Will you have another u/s soon?

Kudos to Katherine on the walking:-)

They're both such good sized babies! Very interesting about C and the nursing, I think you're totally right.

Emma B. said...

Eva, your Sarah is the only other kid I've ever heard of who knee-walks. Most people just tell me, oh, I've never seen a baby do that before!

Nico, the corollary question to Claire's nursing ability is whether I should, in retrospect, have supplemented her with pumped milk, or forced her to nurse more often, or something. That's probably a topic for a future post.

Stacie, I'm interested to hear how you like Montessori. It's something I've thought about for the girls as they get older -- the ones here don't take kids until they're three.