Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Reassuming the position

Today is CD15, and since the OPKs have started to darken, I was optimistic that an ultrasound today might show us a maturing follicle.

As is usual, though, the optimism thing didn't work out too well. I have a beautiful lining, 9.65mm, but my only real follicle is 13mm, so it definitely looks like we're up for another long cycle.

I'm going to keep OPK-ing to see when a surge might happen. We may do another ultrasound then, or we may just do a P4 on 7DPO to verify ovulation. After that, and assuming this cycle isn't the one, the Clomid discussion will resume.

1 comment:

Nic said...

Interesting that your lining is so plush with a 13mm follicle. Hopefully it's on its way and you'll get that + OPK shortly!