Friday, December 05, 2008


I went in this morning for a laparoscopy, D&C, and hysteroscopy to explore the chronic pelvic pain, plus a tubal ligation. Going in, I was concerned they wouldn't find out what was wrong, or be able to fix it, but that turned out not to be the case.

Hysteroscopy revealed a lot of endometrium, which the D&C removed, and that's being biopsied. No retained placenta, so that's good news. When Dr. Pro got to my ovaries, she found that the left fallopian tube had several cysts, extensive scarring, plus there was some nasty stuff coming out of it. Clearly, that one got badly damaged by the infection, and now we know why I had pain on my left side. She removed that tube entirely, and clipped the other one. I also had some adhesions at another point where I'd been hurting, and she snipped those out.

The big shocker, though, is that I had quite a few endometriosis implants, on the back of my uterus, on my bladder, and attached to my pelvic wall. Nobody has ever even suspected I might have endometriosis, so both Dr. Pro and I were pretty surprised about that one. She also pronounced herself "concerned" that they are already there, given that I'm hypoestrogenic from breastfeeding. She hopes that nursing will keep the endo under control until I'm ready to wean, but we may have to address that again at some future point.

I'm groggy and sore, but not too miserable physically, and very relieved mentally. I KNEW there was something wrong, and that it wasn't in my head, and I feel very vindicated at the moment. I'm not especially overjoyed about having endometriosis, but at least now we know it's there. I'll take known unpleasantness any day of the week, so even a bad diagnosis is better than none.


HEATHER said...

My goodness!
I hope you feel better soon!

Jody said...

Oh my. I feel vaguely queasy just hearing all that described. But also, like you, relieved to hear the litany of steps they took to address it.

Nothing says no fun like a fallopian tube with stuff coming out of it. Yikes!