Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas scorecard

Win: Christmas tree decorated
Lose: On December 17

Win: Christmas shopping completed
Lose: Wrapping? AHAHAHAHAHA.

Win: Knitted one lace shawl and three socks for Christmas gifts
Lose: Three socks left, and men have really big feet

Win: Baked awesome chocolate chocolate chip cookies
Lose: Ate three-quarters of awesome chocolate chocolate chip cookies

Win: Worked out a reasonable holiday in-law visit schedule
Lose: Said plan probably does not include the presence of my husband. Curse you, holiday deadlines.

Lose: I have no outside decorations this year, not even a wreath
Win: The girls are so impressed with the neighbors' lights that they don't care

Lose: No Christmas cards sent this year
Win: Sanity and fresh scar left intact after choosing not to drag all three kids to the photo studio

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