Tuesday, October 07, 2008

From the department of I-am-not-making-this-up

Claire tripped over her toy vacuum cleaner yesterday afternoon. She wouldn't put any weight on her foot yesterday or this morning, and there was some swelling, so we took her to the pediatrician this morning, who sent her to the orthopedist.

No fracture was seen on the X-rays, but some types of fractures don't always show up very well. The orthopedist suspected that there probably was a fracture, and said that in children her age, he'd rather treat the kid instead of the X-ray, and proceed as if there is a fracture.

She's now in an over-the-knee cast, which will protect her ankle and hopefully make her more comfortable. She threw epic tantrums throughout the doctor's visits, for which I really can't blame her, but stopped crying and got fascinated as soon as the doctor started wrapping the cast on her leg. It's not precisely a walking cast -- her foot is pointed, rather than flexed for easy walking -- but she was already putting a little weight on it at the doctor's office. We hope that as she gets used to the cast and as the pain abates, she'll be able to move around a little bit better. Still, we're probably looking at a lot of time on the sofa for the next two to three weeks.

What ELSE is going to happen to us -- raining locusts and frogs? This year has been just such an extraordinary string of bad luck in all things health-related, that I can't even imagine what we'll be in for next.


Eva said...

Poor Claire. And poor you. I'm so sorry. It sounds like such an innocent trip, and then to be so injured, have to wear a cast... I really hope things turn positive soon.

Jody said...

Ack! I'm sorry, and I hope things turn around now. NOW, I say.