Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cognitive dissonance

Lady behind me in line at the Dollar General: "Oh, how old is your baby?"
Me: "Three weeks tomorrow."
LBMILATDG: "Oh, he's so big for three weeks old!"

Nobody EVER told me how big the girls were for their age. Oh, they'd ask the birth weights and say "They're a good size for twins!" or the like, but if anyone ever commented on their actual size, it was to say how tiny they were. So, it really threw me for a loop when LBMILATDG said that Andrew was big for his age.

Of course, it might actually be true. He's got to be above nine pounds by now -- he was gaining 2+ ounces a day as of a week ago, and it's not like he's slowed down his eating. He feels heavy to me, and he's starting to really fill out his newborn clothes. I can't tell whether he's bigger than other three-week-old babies, because everyone else's babies have always looked like giants to me, but I know he's not small. Still, it's just not something I had really expected to be told. Weird.

On another note, Claire is hobbling around the house pretty darn well for a kid with a fractured tibia. Casting the leg was definitely the right choice -- she's moving much more easily than before, even if she does look like Peg-leg Pete. She still prefers to sit on the sofa a fair bit, and be indulged with coloring books and Wow Wow Wubbzy, but she's not as hindered by it as I expected her to be. Good news, that.

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Jody said...

Good news on all fronts.