Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cautiously optimistic

Yesterday afternoon, I was still pretty worried that we were heading for a D&C after all. I had a little spotting, but certainly not the kind of uterine fireworks Dr. Pro had led me to expect, and my uterus still hurt. I'd felt so relieved when we left the doctor's office, crying this time from the shiny new hope that we were finally getting things back on track. By the evening, with nothing much happening so far, the gleam was starting to wear off a little bit.

However, I did start cramping more as the evening went on, and my bleeding picked up some. I've never been so glad to bleed in my life, even with my first period after all those months of hypothalamic amenorrhea. I'm still not reenacting Carrie or anything, but I'm having what seems like a normal period, so that's definitely progress.

This morning, my temperature was actually normal for the first time in weeks, and I didn't hurt as much even before the pain meds kicked in. Better still, I don't FEEL sick any more, have lost the underlying icky awfulness I've been carrying around since this started. I am still dreadfully fatigued -- my SILs came over this morning to see the baby, and the effort of sitting on the couch for an hour has nearly undone me. Clearly, I will be looking at several days yet before making a full recovery.

However, today is the first day since the beginning that I can unequivocally say I'm better than the day before. I'm really starting to believe that I'll get over this soon.

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Nic said...

glad to hear everything is figured out and you're on the mend!!