Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The trend is broken

It's Wednesday night, and I am NOT in the hospital. How sad, that this is a deviation from the pattern.

Things have been... not exactly quiet, but not enough to make me feel like it's time to go in, for which I have a reasonably high threshold. The standard advice is 4 contractions or more in an hour. I don't even NOTICE if I have that -- I can't be bothered to time them until they get under 10 minutes, and I don't do anything about them until they've been well under that for a couple hours. Otherwise, I really would just check into the hospital for the rest of the pregnancy, and the food is much better at home.

26 weeks, 1 day. 69 days to go.

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HEATHER said...

Well I was getting worried, since you hadn't posted in a few days. Praying for you!