Friday, June 27, 2008

Off the mag

It took a while, but I got off the mag at noon, though I am still in the post-mag coma. Currently still in L&D, but I'm theoretically being moved to the floor any time now, and will stay until tomorrow.

Still no dilation, so I'll get to go back home. I guess they really weren't kidding about how we'd keep doing this every week if we had to. And I guess it looks like we'll have to.

67 days to go.


HEATHER said...

OH dear! Honey, I am praying for you and the little one!

lucky #2 said...

Yikes, you are having quite a go at this aren't you? At least your doctor seems to be on top of things! Hang in there.

pinky said...

I am glad you are off the Mag. It does make you feel terrible. One lady told me it was like having a sunburn from the inside out. ICk.