Monday, June 30, 2008


I didn't get around to posting that I got released on Saturday. But I guess you didn't miss much, because I'm back in L&D this morning.


Update: Sedate-and-hydrate did the trick, so I'm back home now.


Eva said...

Yikes Emma. How is the rest of the family coping with you away much of the time? I hope you are all hanging in there.

So, here's the unorthodox suggestion from my MFM. He told me that if I started getting a lot of contractions, I could try a small glass of wine. Apparently Ethynol used to be the mag sulfate in its day. I did on occasion have a small glass of wine when my contractions were out of control, and it did on occasion help. I almost posted this anonymous because I don't want people to freak, but oh well, I've confessed.

Nic said...

I like Eva's suggestion. Calm the nerves if nothing else. And who knows, it may acutally work??? Still no changes to your cervix, I assume? I hope you manage to hang in there for a few more weeks at least. Actually, what I really hope is that all this calms down and you can actually enjoy some of this pregnancy. May be too much to ask though. But I'll still put in the request.