Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Three steps

Tempted by her Nana's Coke can, Claire took three tentative steps across the floor tonight, sat down, then did it again, and again. I cried, we all clapped, and Claire just looked confused at all the hullabaloo.

She's been on the verge of walking for weeks now, and I'd told Greg only last night that I thought it would happen this week. Once she learned how to push up into a stand, we knew it couldn't be long. She had all the skills, and it was just a question of convincing her that she should start putting one foot in front of the other.

Tonight, it all came together, and my Claire-baby is now officially a toddler. *sniff* Katherine's not standing independently yet, so I'll have one baby for another few weeks, but they are growing up very fast indeed.

Oh, and it's official, Claire still didn't get her first tooth by the time she learned to walk. At 11.5 months, there's still no sign of teeth for either baby. This hasn't hurt my feelings too much, since it simplifies breastfeeding dramatically, but it's still a bit weird to have a toddler (!) with no teeth.


Maggie said...

Hooray, Claire! It certainly doesn't seem like it's been almost a year.

Eva said...

That's awesome! What a big girl. I think we're still a bit away from walking, but that simplifies things in our life. And I hear you on the teeth. We're at 13 between two kiddos, with the next 2 on the horizon, and that does make things more complicated.

Can you believe their birthdays are so soon? It doesn't seem possible.

Emma B. said...

I know, Eva. One item on tomorrow's to-do list is to buy invitations for their birthday party. How can that be, that it's right here?