Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Monkeys and their uncles

Well, knock me over with a feather. The day after my last post, there was a line on the OPK -- faint, but visible without squinting. Yesterday and today, the line is darker; it's not necessarily as dark as the control line, but it isn't too much off.

(By the way, I intend to make my fortune by inventing OPKs that have some damn numbers on them, instead of forcing you to play the how-dark-is-it game.)

There is saliva ferning, there is EWCM, and there is some kind of crampy, twinge-y activity going on in there. Combine that with the positive-ish OPKs, and I can only conclude that this ovulation thing might actually be working. To say I'm pleased would be putting it mildly -- I'm totally stoked about it, y'all.

We don't intend to, y'know, *try* this month, since if we did conceive, it would put me at about four weeks pregnant precisely at the time of my knee surgery. That's a bad idea, because the surgery would be canceled if I had a positive test, or (worse) I might be too early to test positive.

I've always felt a little bit bad about subjecting Claire and Katherine to substantial doses of narcotics during the OHSS, and I'm not about to possibly put another embryo through that if I can avoid it. I'd really like to get the surgery accomplished before getting pregnant again, so that I can face pregnancy and the newborn stage without a knee that hurts on the time or randomly makes me fall down. So what with the surgery and the recovery, it's doubtful we'll actively attempt to get pregnant until later in the fall.

Nor is it a foregone conclusion that everything's going to be OK, just yet. I could ovulate irregularly, or have luteal phase issues, and sometimes it just plain takes people a while even when everything seems to be working OK. So I'm not about to book the OB/GYN now for a delivery sometime next summer, or spend the money I've mentally booked for IF on that Bernina sewing machine I covet.

Still, it is major, major progress. As far as we know, this may be the first time I've ever spontaneously ovulated in my life, and it's definitely a good thing!


Stacey said...

Oh my gosh! That's SO EXCITING!!!

Eva said...

Cool! Though you and Nico are freaking me out, you're so in synch.

Maggie said...

How very exciting! I'm not sure what all the abreviations stand for but I'm glad things are going your way...If things go as planned (for both of us) then we'll be pregnant at the same time again!

Nico said...

Period twins indeedy!!! I'm SO excited for you. FWIW I did not get what I would consider a true positive on the OPKs (and I think we're using the same ones - the Answer 20-pack?), I got a line that was almost as dark as the control, but definitely not as dark, two days in a row. Are you temping as well? It will be nice if your LP is longer than mine was, although I think it's pretty common for the first one to be short.

Yay for Emma's ovaries!!

We're also not going to start trying for a couple of months - maybe we'll have our next kids in synch too :-D

Jody said...

Great news!

Emma B. said...

No, Nico, not temping -- I didn't really expect it to work, and I find it pretty annoying, so I just didn't. For this cycle, I don't mind waiting to find out. If I get my period, then I know it worked, y'know?

Yes, I've also heard that luteal phase is the last part of the cycle to normalize when weaning. We're down to nursing twice a day, so I won't be surprised if that's screwed up, too. For all I know, it may have been screwed up anyway -- I've never had a real LP before, at least without PIO.