Friday, January 02, 2009

My dog died, and the rest of the week hasn't been much better

Short version of today because I'm on Percocet and want a nap:

-- Andrew weighed 11 lb 8 oz at the pediatrician
-- No other reason for concern, so we're calling it a feeding/milk supply issue until proven otherwise
-- I'm to supplement with formula after nursing for now, and will be seeing the LC on Monday to talk about fixing the milk supply problem
-- This morning, he screamed and bit me and spit the nipple out, and I could barely express any milk at all
-- That's first time I've actually seen him be dissatisfied with nursing
-- I'm thinking maybe this is a recent development that's just going downhill fast
-- He chugged 3 oz of formula like a frat boy after a keg party, and has been sound asleep for two hours now
-- I fed my other two children Pop-Tarts in the car for breakfast, making me the official Winner Mother of the Day

-- Ultrasound showed a large cyst (follicular, maybe)? on one ovary
-- Could not get a straight answer about uterine lining. First she said it was "proliferative", i.e. preovulatory, then that it was hard to see because there was "fluid" in there
-- Cervix was blocked with thick mucus, preventing said fluid from coming out
-- This is exactly what happened with my postpartum bleeding, and why my uterus was full of blood
-- How that squares with 2+ weeks of daily heavy bleeding, I'm not sure
-- Removal of said mucus was AWFUL, screaming-thrashing-cursing awful
-- WBC was 5, not indicative of infection, but it wasn't elevated when I had a known infection, either
-- Hematocrit was 35, down from 38 pre-op, so yeah, still anemic despite iron/prenatals
-- Got prescription for more clindamycin. If I'm not better by Monday, we'll reevaluate
-- Reevaluation may include another D&C
-- No pathology results from surgery, still

Did I mention that we lost my oldest dog on Tuesday, in the middle of all this? She was old and quite ill with congestive heart failure, so we knew it was coming. She was getting close to the point where we'd have to put her down, and I'm glad she went peacefully in her sleep before it got too painful, but I still miss her. This week really has been a steaming pile of shit on toast.


HEATHER said...

I'm so sorry about the loss of your doggie. It's always so hard to let them go.

Eva said...

So sorry Emma. What an awful start to the year. I really hope that things improve soon and some good luck comes your way!

Nic said...

I'm really sorry about your puppy too. I hope that this is your load of crap for the whole year and that the rest of it is all good.

I'm also glad that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with Andrew, hopefully he'll pick up that weight soon, with the formula and you getting better!

Yehudit said...

Sheesh, I had no idea it was so bad and still unresolved. Thinking of you, and hoping that you turn the corner really soon.

Mandy said...

You have my deepest sympathies and prayers.

Regarding the nursing issue, I've been having to give Joseph some supplemental formula during the day for a while, and my nighttime supply seems to be holding up fine (ask me how I know. Argh!). I will say I've learned this though - he can drink WAAAAAAAAAAAAY more formula than breastmilk. So it may be that your supply is dropping but not as much as you think. Be gentle with yourself, do what you have to do to take care of yourself and what works better for you physically and mentally. I've had a hard time with the fact I'm giving him formula until I realized the fact I have any supply at all is a freaking miracle.

Remember too, as they become a bit more alert and active they tend to burn off calories quickly and put on weight more slowly.

Tons of hugs about your doggie, your illness...all of it.

Jody said...

I'm sorry about your dog. It's so hard to say goodbye.