Monday, January 05, 2009

More doctors

That's pretty much what today was about, or at least what it was supposed to be about.

I met with the lactation consultant (also a family-practice MD) today, and she was pretty encouraging that I'll be able to work back to full breastfeeding. She put me on Reglan (which I used for hyperemesis with no side effects), which she is hopeful will bring me close to adequate supply levels. Judging by the amount of supplemental formula he's consuming, I'm producing about half of what he needs for maintenance. We've got some weight regain to do, but it's not a dire situation just yet.

Supplementing is a pain, and I don't want to fight that battle forever, but it's worth it in the short term to get my nursing relationship back. I like nursing, and I find it far more convenient for my lifestyle. Being a SAHM, I'm feeding the baby all day anyway, so I might as well do it in a way that doesn't involve preparing bottles. (Well, Katherine is "helping" me feed him, which is really pretty cute but not much actual help.)

Dr. LC agrees with everyone else that the problem is almost certainly rooted in all the physical issues, and that solving those will go a long way to improve the situation too. She also feels that the infection situation has been mishandled, and said that she had been taught to do hospitalization with three different kinds of IV antibiotics for post-cesarean infections. I mean, I knew that, but it was nice to hear someone say it.

After leaving Dr. LC's office, I went to go see my old RE Dr. Boss to get a second opinion about the infection crap. Since my mom is his nurse, it's easy to get an appointment on short notice, and I don't have to explain my entire history to a new doctor. I did not actually get to see him today, as he got caught in surgery while I was having yet another ultrasound, but he's going to review the ultrasound images and call me tomorrow, and possibly have me come back in.

Still, the ultrasound showed some interesting things, even to my untrained eye. I have a 16-mm cyst on my left ovary, which was present on Friday's ultrasound and does not appear to have grown appreciably from the picture I saw then. Something appears to be coating that ovary as well, according to the sonographer, who pointed out a funny bright-white border. I have free fluid in the cul-de-sac, not a lot but some, and I have fluid in my uterine cavity as well. I didn't ask what thickness the lining was, but it looked to be scanty. She said my cervix looked thickened and enlarged, and that she thought she might see something in it. From what I can Google, some of those findings are indicative of infection -- and this is after almost four days of clindamycin, too.

I've got to see what Dr. Boss says tomorrow, and then see what someone wants to do. The political situation is a little unusual in that he was a professor and attending for Dr. Pro's med school and residency, so he may suggest I go back to her and tell her this is what he recommends for treatment. Alternately, he may just decide to treat me himself. I don't much care, as long as someone does something other than give me more damned clindamycin.


Mandy said...

Hugs, my friend. I've been thinking of you today and am relieved to see an update.

And, I have to say, it's refreshing to see someone recommend something OTHER than the same thing you've already been doing. I can imagine how you might not want to be hospitalized, but I also know how much you want this all to stop. Even if they could do the IV abx at HOME (and they can), something to get you well would be so nice.

Hoping you get some real, helpful answers tomorrow and I'll be anxious to read what they are.

Holly Bartlett said...

Good luck with the nursing. I could only handle nursing my twins for 3month. I did what I could, but it was a pain. Good luck with everything!!

Mandy said...

Just peeking in to see if there's an update.

Thinking of you.