Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I have now entered the mythical land of the full-term pregnancy.

Of course, because it's me, there is a complication. I caught the girls' cold, and like all of my colds do, it headed straight for the lungs. It's ugly. Really ugly. Like, nebulized-albuterol ugly, and if I get any worse, it'll be ER-ugly. No such thing as "just a cold" for an asthmatic.

I hope the baby holds off for two more weeks, because right now, I'm too sick to take care of him.


Nic said...

Welcome to full term, my dear!!! I hope that you continue to uselessly contract for a few more weeks so you can recover!

Jody said...

Oy, this has been a rough pregnancy for you. But you made it to 37 weeks! Fantastic!