Thursday, November 15, 2007

Rhetorical question

Is there anything cuter than watching your babies play hide-and-seek with each other?

Sometimes I really love being a mother of twins.


Suz said...

It really can be wonderful, can't it!

laura said...

No, there really isn't anything better. My favorite, for the time being, is when I tell them to "give your (brother/sister) love" and to watch them run at each other with open arms, tackle and fall to the floor giggling. Occasionally there is a kiss in there.

I think we get these moments to make up for the crazy, chaotic, and ridiculously frustrating ones that parents of singletons just don't get!

Stacie said...

For all that being the mother of twins can make a person nuts it really is the sweetest thing in the world to watch them interact.

Eva said...

I know it was rhetorical, but I agree. I love when they do that!