Thursday, April 12, 2007

Better today

Katherine is doing better now, thank heavens. She seemed improved when she woke up from her nap, and more so after another breathing treatment, so I decided to hold off on the doctor. She is still wheezing this morning, but it's less severe than it's been, so I'm hoping she is on the mend.

She is acting perky and smiling, which is reassuring to see. She's also eating a little better, which I find reassuring as she's given me a giant blister by popping on and off while nursing. It hurts like the devil, and every time she latches, I'm clawing my palms and trying not to yelp. It's just like those bad old early days of breastfeeding, and I'm wondering how on earth I lasted through ten whole weeks of this!


Stacie said...

I'm glad to hear she's better.

A blister - OUCH!

laura said...

A blister?! I didn't realize such things happened! But I'm delighted to hear she's feeling better. You too!

Eva said...

I'm glad that Katherine is doing better. Sorry about the BF issues. Sarah is definitely an on-and-offer and she pulls and twists me, and I fear when her teeth come in (Jordan nibbles now and then as it is with his). Hope you join her on the mend soon.