Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And again

We are sick yet again. The girls have mild colds, just enough to make them fussy and unhappy, but I think it's nothing serious (though it's a little hard to tell, as they are still at the tail end of the bronchiolitis). I, on the other hand, have a sinus infection and am wheezing again, despite the Advair, etc. that was supposed to prevent this from happening.

The girls have been absolute bears for the last two days, what with the cold, and when G worked late today, I called my mom to come over and help me. She lives about two miles down the road from me, so it's no problem for her to come over; I try not to abuse the privilege, but after going from 7:30 to 4:30 with someone crying *the entire time*, it was time to send in reinforcements. Of course, when Mom came over, they immediately got all happy and adorable, because Grandmama was there to pay attention to them.

Mom fed them their solids and gave them a bath, while I laid on the couch and dozed. Katherine has turned into my neat eater lately, because I discovered that she likes diced-up mandarin oranges, which are comparatively non-messy. Claire, on the other hand, ate prunes. If you've never fed your baby prunes, and have a messy eater or are easily squicked, I recommend that you give prunes a miss. I don't think my mom believed me when I told her how much of a mess they make when eating, but she was singing a different tune after feeding them. Claire had prunes in her hair, and prunes between her toes, and pretty much everywhere in between.

Other new discovery of the day: Claire likes mint chocolate chip ice cream. I wonder if she likes it just because it's good, or because it's something I ate a lot while pregnant? My favorite candy bar, and one real pregnancy craving, is Three Musketeers, the same thing my mother craved while pregnant with me. I wonder if, twenty-five or thirty years down the line, I'll be laughing at Claire about mint-chocolate-chip cravings?


Eva said...

Hope you all feel better soon (and hope I don't have to say that to you again for a while).

Claudia said...

Wowsa, just catching up after not reading for awhile, and what a run you've had! So, so sorry you've had to deal with so much illness. I hope the worst of it is behind all of you and you have healthier days ahead.