Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Things we can do

Things the babies can now do, at five weeks and change:

  • Smile -- Claire gave me two real smiles yesterday! No smiles from Katherine yet, and Claire hasn't repeated the performance today, but I know there will be more soon.

  • Reach -- Both babies are now starting to bat at things they think are interesting, principally our faces and the toys on the bouncy seat. Katherine has been doing this for a couple days, and I saw Claire do likewise for the first time today.

  • Hold things -- Katherine will grasp a finger and pull it into her mouth, and she now puts her hands over her pacifier to hold it in place. This backfires on her as often as not, since she's prone to jerking her hands and pulling it back out of her mouth, but the intention is there.

  • Hold heads up -- Both of the girls have developed much better head control. When we hold them on our chests, they will hold their heads up for a good little while, then get tired and face-plant, over and over. This really helps me out, since they are much less floppy now, and it's easier to handle them both at the same time.

  • Look in mirrors -- They were so interested in the mirror during bathtime that I went to the Big Baby Store and bought mirrors for both of them. They really seem to enjoy being awake in the co-sleeper now that they can look in mirrors!

  • Melt Mama and Daddy's hearts -- no explanations needed for this one, I think.

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