Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I am full of random

I have more random than time to blog, so here, have some bullety goodness:

  • The Percocet-free days count is now up to six. My last post started a string of bad days, but I have been feeling almost normal since last Friday, with only NSAIDs

  • I am not sure if this is a natural good streak, or if it's due to the new NSAID (Ponstel) I started taking on Thursday. My RE has had other endo patients do quite well with Ponstel, so it may be working for me too. Regardless, it's a good thing.

  • Andrew learned to roll over back-to-front, but cannot push over again onto his back. He expresses much TINY BABY RAGE whenever this happens, but promptly goes and does it over and over again.

  • He can even do it when swaddled, which produced a couple nights of acute misery. However, the purchase of a sleep positioner seems to have solved the problem for now.

  • I am still going to try to wean him out of the swaddling blanket, because he's outgrowing the thing.

  • He weighs 14 lb 8 oz as of Monday, so I've dropped another bottle, and he is now getting just one 4-oz bottle a day.

  • The improvement in my milk supply has brought me within 2.5 lbs of pre-pregnancy weight, if not quite so close to pre-pregnancy shape.

  • I have zero enthusiasm for doing anything else about that, and am thankful that "low milk supply" gives me an excuse not to diet.

  • As if I needed an excuse, being a grownup and solely responsible for my own weight and food behavior. Insert Shapely Prose rantage here.

  • Or I could try eating like a toddler. Claire in particular is getting rather thin, having better things to do than eat.

  • Having had a bout with eating disorders as a teenager, I'm acutely aware of the many pitfalls of raising girls, and modeling healthy behavior, and walking that fine line.

  • I am watching this story play out with my seven-year-old niece right now, who is just slightly overweight enough to have triggered my mother and sister into making comments about her weight and suggesting that she change her eating behaviors.

  • This probably deserves a post of its own, or a series of them. I'm pretty upset about the thing with my niece, and pondering how I'll handle the issue when it comes up (as I strongly suspect it will, especially with Katherine).

  • After months and months of bedtime/naptime chaos, I have finally instituted Project I-Said-Stay-In-Your-Beds. Bedtime is going supremely well, naptime less so. This too deserves a full post.

I think that's enough random, don't you?


Nic said...

I'm so glad that the new NSAID seems to be working. And that Andrew is gaining weight so nicely!! I know what you mean about the shape thing - my diastasis is taking much longer to improve this time.

I'm really sorry about your niece. It is so scary what a few ill-concieved comments can do the psyche of a little girl. I hope that you can help!

Jody said...

I'm so glad the NSAID is working, too.

The story with your niece sounds heart-breaking. I hope you can help, too.

Twintensity said...

Speaking of random - I am commenting on your October 1, 2008 post, written after your son, Andrew was born. Reread it yourself - it is beautiful and will make you smile. I am also the mother of twins - boys - as well as two older singletons. We are hoping for one more pregnancy for exactly the reasons you write about in your post. We love our boys but want to enjoy ONE one last time. And if two come, well it can't be as crazy as the first time around right?! I am TRYING to link up to your post in my new blog - but am still new at the technical stuff. Will get it in there though - I couldn't say it any better! Thanks for sharing the beauty - check it out again yourself!