Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nearly there

34 weeks, people. No matter what, he'll be at least a near-term baby.

Actually, it is looking like we have a really good shot at going all the way -- 10 weeks of near-constant irritability doesn't seem to have had any effect at all. Dr. Pro wants me to stay on the Procardia for another two or even three weeks, but I can ease up on the bedrest to some extent. I'm still supposed to spend most of my time sitting or reclining, but I'm free to move around the house more, run a few short errands, and I even have the OK to go out to dinner or a movie or some other "quiet" activity.

Yesterday's ultrasound showed an estimated fetal weight of 5 lbs even, exactly consistent with gestational age. Dr. Pro says she'd be shocked if he actually weighs that -- I'm measuring a full 5 weeks behind, and I am neither tall nor long in the torso, so there's some question about where exactly I'd be keeping 5 lbs' worth of baby. In any case, it looks like he probably won't top 8 lbs even if I make it all the way to my scheduled CS. Guess I'll be picking up a few newborn-sized things for coming-home wear after all!


Eva said...

Yay you! That's great news. Congrats on getting this far. I know you worked hard to do it.

HEATHER said...

God bless!

Jody said...


Claudia said...

Glad to hear the good news. Keep us posted. Almost there!

Maggie said...

Good news! It must be nice to be able to get up and around a little bit. Hope everything keeps going well.