Monday, December 17, 2007

Test results

It took them until today to get around to running the progesterone from last Wednesday, because of a broken machine, but I got the results a little while ago: 4.27. Per Mom, this indicates some level of ovulatory activity, but it's somewhat tricky to evaluate because of the two LH spikes.

If the first peak, on CD18, was the "official" one, this was not a good ovulation, and is not sufficient to sustain a pregnancy. On the other hand, if the second peak on CD24 was the "real" one, it's better news. This isn't a bad result at all for just after ovulation, and would probably correspond with a reasonably good peak level. However, the egg quality could be dicey, after a previous near-peak and long growth cycle.

Rather than do another draw, Mom thinks we should just wait to see when my period shows up, and work backwards to decide which day was the correct one. If the total cycle length is around 32 days, the first case applies; even if the second peak was the real LH surge, we'd be talking about an 8-day luteal phase, which is problematic. However, if it's more like 38 days, the second peak was the real one.

In either case, we're almost certainly going to do monitored cycles for the next month or two, so that we can know what's going on throughout the cycle rather than getting a single-day snapshot. After that, Clomid is the next step, although I don't know how quickly we'll go there -- G is expressing what we will politely term "reservations" about "rushing" into treatment, and about the risks of multiples. That's a subject for discussion in and of itself, but worrying about it at this point is premature.

ETA: Thyroid results are back. TSH is suppressed and free T4 is 1.09. That's within normal limits, if somewhat low for me -- I'm usually more like 1.5. The suppressed TSH is normal for me, since my variety of hypothyroidism is hypothalamic in origin.


Stacie said...

What, you don't want to deal with the risks and complications of a multiples pregnancy again? Wuss....

Emma B. said...

I'd think a whole lot harder about it, at any rate, now that the alternative is not childlessness.

Overall, though, I have really mixed feelings about another set of twins, which merit a post of their own. I had a somewhat difficult pregnancy, but I did go almost full-term in the end, so I'm not as scared of the physical aspect. I also had very easy babies, so I didn't struggle through their infancy as so many twin moms do.

On the other hand, both the pregnancy and the newborn stage get a lot harder when you've already got a set of toddler twins. And, of course, the 900-pound gorilla is the idea of triplets or HOMs... not so much a factor with Clomid, but a real consideration in the IUI-vs-IVF debate.

Nico said...

Hey Emma,

How are you doing? What was the final verdict as to when you might have O'ed based on AF?