Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bad Mother Chronicles, part 7534

Let's say your hypothetical nearly-nine-month-old has been displaying hypothetical signs of crankiness all day long. To stop the crying bout, you hypothetically pop her in her high chair and feed her a supper of hypothetical pasta, applesauce, and yogurt. When she spits it out all over her face, you turn to feed her hypothetical twin sister, and in the meantime, hypothetical baby #1 falls asleep in her high chair, with applesauce and yogurt all over her face. Do you:

a) wake the baby up enough to wash her face, bathe her, and put her to bed
b) let the baby sleep, slumped over on her tray, until she wakes up on her own
c) let the baby sleep while you reach for the camera
d) let the baby sleep, reach for the camera, and post the picture on the internets

Double extra bonus points when, a few hours later, the baby in question spikes a hypothetical fever of 102.4 degrees!

(She woke up while I was reaching for the camera, but the picture managed to catch the essence of tired baby anyway.)


Nico said...

I would definitely go with answer D as well :-) She's adorable!!!

Stacey said...

Oh, I'd've definitely gone with D. Then again, I'm awesome about posting potentially embarrassing pictures on the net. It's all good times to me.

And what's wrong? Whence the fever?

Maggie said...

I'd definately go with D...very cute!

Happy 9 month birthday, girls!

Andrew said...

Post a poop face. Everyone* is doing it.

* By everyone, I mean my wife.

Eva said...

I have videos of the kids crying, looking at me like, why aren't you picking me up?, I'm crying, but of course, I'm too busy taping. Mean mommy.

I'm so excited to see a recent picture of one of your girls. She's beautiful! I want more now =)

Hope she's okay.

Jody said...

I have MULTIPLE photos of babies asleep face-first in their mashed food. I mean, multiple photos of each baby.

If I had been keeping a blog back then, they would have been on the internet, probably.