Friday, December 08, 2006

Pretty good year

So, I'm 30 today. Despite a little moaning and groaning about how I'm all old now, I'm actually having a really happy day. It's not that I've gotten any flowers or fantastic presents (yet!), though my husband did manage to remember un-prompted that it was my birthday, no mean feat from the man who routinely forgets his own. It's more that this birthday is such a happier birthday than my last one.

Last year, when I got a cancelled Clomid cycle for my birthday, I was in the middle of the worst holiday season of my life. I usually love December, but there just wasn't any joy in it for me to find. I was so depressed, not to mention sick, that I didn't even get my tree decorated until the day after Christmas -- yes, pointless, but I needed it done for my annual holiday cocktail party. Just weeks later, I would get pregnant off our first IUI, but I had no way to know that, and not enough hope to imagine it.

This year, I'm spending my birthday peacefully at home, with nobody sticking needles or ultrasound probes in me. Instead of just the dogs for company, I'm typing this post while holding one of my daughters, listening to the other one coo at a mirror. Tonight, instead of a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant -- which felt so lonely last year with just the two of us -- we'll take the girls to go pick out a Christmas tree.

Yep, I'd say it's the best birthday ever.


Speaking of Christmas, we had a holiday dilemna arise last night. See, the babies are really into sitting up (with assistance, they're not even rolling over on their own yet), so I ordered them some Bumbo seats. They arrived yesterday, and now G wants to give them to the girls today and let them start using, while I wanted to wrap them up and put them under the tree. I see his point, which is that the girls will enjoy them now and don't know what Christmas is anyway. Still, it's important to me that they have something under the tree, that we can take pictures of and tell them about their first Christmas. We compromised on letting the girls start using the seats, then wrapping them up and opening them; it sounds wrong overall, but it gives everyone what they want.

What are you doing for Christmas with your too-young-for-Santa babies?


Suz said...

HA! Same argument..doing the same thing! We love the Bumpo seats, by the way and hope that your girls will as well.

Rhae said...

Happy Birthday!

Dooneybug said...

Happy birthday to you!

So far I've bought a $4.99 ring stack toy for my son. I think we might pick up a couple other really inexpensive items. I figured that he doesn't really understand Christmas at 6 months, but like you, I want to have photos and something to show him later about his first Christmas.

Eva said...

Happy birthday! Compared to the circles I'm in, you're a young mama! What a great birthday compared to last year, huh?

Sounds like a good compromise! I bought them new outfits for Hanukah/Christmas but we decided no gifts from us as they'll have so much from other family. We are crazily driving 500 miles to in-laws with our 3 mo. old twins -- should be interesting! But figure it won't be any easier next year when they're mobile...

Emma B. said...

Suz, that is too funny!

Dooney, my mom already bought the ring stacker toy to give the girls -- they're a little young for it now, but I know they'll love it in a couple months.

Eva, I hear you on things being easier now. I'm actually possibly having knee surgery soon for the same reason -- infant twins may be tough, but toddler twins have got to be tougher! We haven't done a drive longer than 3 hours, but shorter trips, and long shopping trips, and restaurants, are definitely not too tough with small babies who are content to stay in carseats.

Thanks for the birthday wishes!